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2019-01-28Update footer navigation layoutCedric Spindler
2019-01-28Center the page layoutCedric Spindler
2019-01-28Align header and footer to body contentCedric Spindler
2018-05-24Update page template with link to privacy statement.Caoimhe Chaos
2016-02-19rename templates/change.txtl to templates/change.tmpl.wikizweistein
2016-02-19rename News/templates/change.tmpl.txtl to templates/change.txtlzweistein
2015-11-06Sidebar nach unten verschobenhexagon6
2015-11-06Column-Breite fuer kleinste Groessen angepasst 2hexagon6
2015-11-06Column-Breite fuer kleinste Groessen angepassthexagon6
2015-11-06Column-Breite fuer verschiedene Groessen angepassthexagon6
2015-11-06Row und column-bootstrap in template hinzugefügthexagon6
2015-05-15Point google form to https.Caoimhe Chaos
2015-03-08Don't print the sidebar (who needs that on paper?)Caoimhe Chaos
2014-08-11Add a button to unfld the edit menu instead of having it disappear onJuliane Clausen
small devices.
2014-08-10Wunschliste prominenter verlinktJuliane Clausen
2014-08-07Add a clearfix before the footer, which will hopefully prevent it fromCaoimhe Chaos
floating next to the menu.
2014-08-07Social media iconsJuliane Clausen
2014-08-07moved bootstrap and local.css into css folderJuliane Clausen
2014-08-07Titel und Logo hinzugefügtJuliane Clausen
2014-08-07Footerstyle entkatastrophizierenJuliane Clausen
2014-08-07Navbars bootstrappifiziertJuliane Clausen
2013-10-15nun aberJuliane Clausen
2013-10-15template fixed (a little bit)Juliane Clausen
2013-07-29typoJuliane Clausen
2013-07-29typoJuliane Clausen
2013-07-29changed variable namesJuliane Clausen
2013-07-29bastelJuliane Clausen
2013-07-29Spielen mit TemplatesJuliane Clausen