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+[[!if test="enabled(brokenlinks)"
+ then="In diesem Wiki ist die Direktive: brokenlinks **aktiviert**."
+ else="In diesem Wiki ist die Direktive: brokenlinks **nicht aktiv**; falls dies gew├╝nscht wird, den Admin benachrichtigen."]]
+The `brokenlinks` directive is supplied by the [[!iki plugins/brokenlinks desc=brokenlinks]] plugin.
+This directive generates a list of broken links on pages in the wiki. This is
+a useful way to find pages that still need to be written, or links that
+are written wrong.
+The optional parameter "pages" can be a [[ikiwiki/PageSpec]] specifying the
+pages to search for broken links, default is search them all.
+ \[[!brokenlinks pages="* and !recentchanges"]]
+[[!meta robots="noindex, follow"]]