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+[[!if test="enabled(more)"
+ then="In diesem Wiki ist die Direktive: more **aktiviert**."
+ else="In diesem Wiki ist die Direktive: more **nicht aktiv**; falls dies gew├╝nscht wird, den Admin benachrichtigen."]]
+The `more` directive is supplied by the [[!iki plugins/more desc=more]] plugin.
+This directive provides a way to have a "more" link on a post in a blog, that
+leads to the full version of the page. Use it like this:
+ \[[!more linktext="click for more" text="""
+ This is the rest of my post. Not intended for people catching up on
+ their blogs at 30,000 feet. Because I like to make things
+ difficult.
+ """]]
+If the `linktext` parameter is omitted it defaults to just "more".
+An optional `pages` parameter can be used to specify a
+[[ikiwiki/PageSpec]], and then the "more" link will only be displayed
+when the page is inlined into a page matching that PageSpec, and otherwise
+the full content shown.
+Note that you can accomplish something similar using a [[toggle]] instead.
+[[!meta robots="noindex, follow"]]